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Apple’s Arizona Data Center Goes Up In Flames!!

Apple’s data center in Mesa, Arizona which is still under works caught flames on Tuesday morning. The facility was under discussion when Apple reported that it would be contributing $2 billion for a span of more than 10 years to change previously intended sapphire glass office into a noteworthy server farm. The flame was put out rapidly, however the building could still be seen seething for a period, as firemen tried to quench the fires.

The facility previously owned by GT Technologies, and its unique intention was for Apple and GT Technologies to accomplice in building a sapphire assembling plant but was dropped when GT Tech became bankrupt.

The cause of the flames is still obscure, yet temperatures in Mesa came to 93 degrees on Tuesday, which could be a possible cause. Apple has been known not to rely on renewable energy to power its structures in the past.  Its intense push to power its business with sun oriented force is very much recorded. Fortunately, the facility was not fully operational and no casualties were reported.

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