Are Vegetable Oils Really Bad For Cooking?

As science evolves, more revelations are being made concerning living better in humans. In this decade, for instance, cooking fat is being demonized by nutritionists as they sensitize us on using cooking oils instead. To the basic cook, it is not clear why such calls are being made. In fact, most of us use cooking fat or oil just because we grew up as our guardians used them in cooking. However, today, you will find out why you should use vegetable oil to cook.

Vegetable oils comes from seeds that contain oil such as corn, peanut, olive, soybean and palm nuts. Their oil remains in liquid form even at very low temperatures. Here are reasons why such oils are fast overtaking cooking fat as the preferred cooking medium:

Better Metabolism

Cooking oil made from olives contains ant-blood clotting, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant substances. Collectively, they are known as phenolic compounds. Such compounds increase the metabolic rate in the body and reverse or prevent obesity.

Omega -3 Acids

Plants are rich sources of omega -3 fatty acids. Scientists state that these acids preserve normal body development and growth. Also, they support healthy brain and heart functions. This is a good reason you should use vegetable oil to cook.

Lower Cardiovascular Risk

Unlike cooking fat, vegetable oils have properties that control blood pressure, minimize cholesterol levels in the body and regulate blood sugar. These factors prevent the emergence of heart-related disorders. Therefore, using the cooking oil can guarantee longer life.

Prevent Stomach Cancer

As highlighted earlier, oil retains its liquid state even at very low temperatures. As such, when you consume it and drink water, it does not solidify. Therefore, once the oil is in the stomach, it does not stick to its wall. This means the stomach walls remain clean and free from any risks of cancer.

Reduced Breast Cancer Risks

In recent studies, experiments showed that breast cancer is increasing in young people. One of the leading causes is the consumption of margarine and butter that contain vegetable fats. The same studies indicated that using vegetable oils reduced the risks of developing breast cancer.

Clearly, there are more than enough reasons why you should use vegetable oils to cook. This call primarily goes to the young people as they prepare to face old age. As always, any additional information on the topic is welcome. Please share it in the comments section.

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