Are you ready to be mother?

Sometimes back I used to be dumbfounded hearing women in their forties declare that they were not ready to become mothers, yet. What the hell were they waiting for? The clock was still ticking and they weren’t getting any younger. Now that I have become more enlightened, I get a cold shiver whenever the idea of motherhood comes to mind. By enlightened, I mean finally understanding why being a mother to a real baby is not every woman’s piece of iced cake. Motherhood comes with a lot of responsibilities that can weigh any sane person down. That’s why I strongly believe that any woman thinking of having children should have an idea of what it’s going to be like. It’s not a job something you can wake up one day and decide to quit.

So, the question is how do you know it’s time to have a precious little one?

You are financially capable. As I pointed out earlier; children come with many responsibilities many of which involve money. Such things as diapers, clothes, doctor visits, school fees, and toys. Did I mention toys? A child will never understand why she can’t get the toys she likes.

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Hearing a children cry breaks your heart. If every time a child cry’s you can’t help but wonder how a parent can be so cold, its time ,go make yourself a baby.

You are not disgusted by baby poop. Let’s be honest here, who likes the sight of poop? But mothers never really have a choice, they have to suck it up and do what is good for their kids. This does not come naturally to all women. If you are not ready to see poop several times a day give the idea of having a child a break, a long one.

Your career is too important to you. Having a great career is a very great thing, but having a baby needs more time. You need to spend time with your baby, put him to sleep every night, be there when he takes his first step or utter his first words. How sweet is that? If you are that career woman who her life involves around work and promotions, you are not ready yet. One day you come home one day and your baby doesn’t remember you are his momma.

You admire baby clothes. These tiny clothes are so cute. It’s amazing how someone would actually fit in them.

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You love pets. Whether your pet is a cat or a cute little dog. Just like babies pets come with a obligations. You are always hurrying home to give him food, spend time with him so he won’t get lonely .That is a telltale sign you can easily handle being a mother.

You always fantasies having a child of your own. To some women the idea of being a mum is vague and distant. While to some others it is something that invades their mind every now and then and they are fascinated. They even imagine how their baby would look like. If you don’t fall on the latter is better to wait than regret later.

The society has this notion that every woman should have children, actually some women don’t want to have children at all. The truth is, not all woman were meant to be mothers. Why bite more than you can chew?

What do you think?

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Written by Gavril Vadik

Gavril writes and copyedits for a variety of people, publications, and organizations.

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