Are You Really That Strong? Here’s How You Can Easily Tell

The word strong is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary as an adjective that describes “having or marked by great physical power.” But just how strong is, well, strong? Naturally, this broad definition brings to mind images of bulging biceps, tree-trunk legs, and a well-chiseled 12-pack abdominal region.

However, it takes more than glancing at someone’s developed muscles to know just how strong they are. And there are a few exercises out there that are perfect measuring sticks for physical strength. Want to know how strong you are? Here is the breakdown for strength throughout the body, and what you can do to easily test just how strong you are.

Core strength

Fitness female model torso with her hands on hips

Fitness female model torso with her hands on hips A strong core takes more than just a good looking set of abs. |

Contrary to popular belief, your core comprises more than just your abdominal muscles. Your whole midsection, wrapping around to your back, is part of the core party. “Your core muscles make up pretty much all of your torso, and then some,” summarizes. So if you truly have a strong core, that means your obliques, lats, lower back, and even your pelvic floor are all as capable as your abs. Having a six-pack means pretty much nothing if you end up with back pain from lifting something that is mildly heavy.

To test how strong your core is, you should do…

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