Are you Stressed Already? Here is How you can Avoid Depression

121 million! This is the number of persons on the planet suffering from depression as you read this. Depression is a mental disorder causes feelings of dejection or worthlessness. It is common but also very serious. In the 21st century, depression occurs from the puberty age into old age. Adolescents and young adults especially experience depression due to social and peer pressure. For instance, you may not like wearing trousers as a lady but society expects you to do it so as to fit in. Again, lack of a good job may push young people into depression.

The hard truth states that preventing depression is not possible. However, reducing its probability of emerging and also reversing it is very possible. As such, if you are experiencing the symptoms, or you need to avoid them, here are tips to help avoid depression.

  1. Eat Healthy

The negative feelings develop when brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) are imbalanced. Food is known to impact on them positively. Therefore, eat balanced diets to ensure the balance is normal.

  1. Do not Overwork

Excess work might mean more income, but in the long run, it might turn to disaster. Being overwhelmed may lead to stress, which in turn favors depression. Avoid all stressful situations in life that cause you severe anxiety and thoughts.

  1. Meditate

Once an act popular in Buddhism, meditation is one of the best ways to control and prevent depression. It is proven that through meditation, you can “communicate” with your innermost self and “flush out” unwanted feelings and thoughts. Also, it helps avoid depression by causing happiness.

  1. Regular Exercise

fitnessExercise leads to the secretion of dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that causes you to feel happy and lively. That is why after exercise; the body is usually active and does not feel tired. The fact that it can keep depression away means you have to exercise more.

  1. Be Positive

Your thoughts are your greatest enemy if they are negative. Remember the “half empty /half full” concept? If you choose always to see “empty”, then the depression will move in soon. In a nutshell, change your thoughts and that changes your world.

This topic is broad and inexhaustible. The tips in this article are just but a tip of the iceberg. I, therefore, welcome you to share everything you might have concerning the prevention of depression.

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