As depressing as it may be, selfie sticks are inescapable despite how many places ban them. It’s a sad truth of the future we live in. But! An enterprising artist by the name of Pablo Garcia has figured out a way to “reduce vainglory and self-importance” by adding pixely emoji to the reviled smartphone accessory. It’s a bit more difficult than it looks, though. Garcia says he employed elements of anamorphosis, a technique to distort an image so that it’s only visible from a specific angle, to make sure the smiling pile of poop, thumbs up and party horn appear correctly when shot from the smartphone’s extended perspective. Is there some bigger message or implication here? “Perhaps it’s a sober reminder of your mortality in the midst of your vainglory, or simply a pile of poop with eyes,” Garcia writes. There you have it folks: sometimes a rose really is just a (smelly) rose.