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At-Home Beauty Treatments That Are Just as Good as a Face Lift

Going under the knife is so last year (or last decade, depending on who you ask). Right now, it’s all about what you can do to save face in a far less invasive — and less hazardous — manner that is just as effective, if not more so, than a face lift. If you’re looking for something akin to an anti-aging fountain of youth, or if you want to smooth out some fine lines and wrinkles that have shown up over the years, try these methods. Take your pick of this list to get set for a more youthful look — and leave the knife for chopping vegetables.

1. NuFACE Trinity

at-home beauty treatments

at-home beauty treatments NuFACE Trinity system | NuFACE

The NuFACE Trinity ($325) is the self-proclaimed five-minute facial lift. Say no more, right?! And it seems to somewhat live up to that reputation. The FDA-cleared facial toning system administers soft wave micro-current technology through two globe-shaped nobs that promise to deliver improved facial contour, better skin tone, and wrinkle reduction for a younger looking appearance. In fact, the creator of the product, Carol Cole, has more than 30 years of experience as an esthetician specializing in micro-current facials.

Need more convincing? The ENGAGE Clinical Study found 85% of NuFACE users experienced improved facial contour while 80% reported their skin felt smoother. Plus, The Dermatology Review says NuFace Trinity is very useful in preparing the skin for deeper skin care product penetration, effectively making anti-aging skin care products more powerful. (NuFACE also has a skin care range, including such items as collagen boosters and infusion serums.)

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