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Attention Harry Potter Fans, 12 New Harry Potter Stories!

ANY HARRY POTTER FANS?! If so, rejoice because J.K Rowling has announced that she will be releasing 12 new stories!

Starting on Dec. 12, each new installment will be posted at 8:00 am ET, and will include moments from “Half-Blood Prince, shiny gold Galleons and even a new potion or two.” According to The Telegraph, one of the stories is set to focus on Potter’s former school rival, Draco Malfoy. Rowling made it clear that she was not entirely ready to put her series to rest, providing fans with the first new material since the release of the seventh novel. On Halloween, she posted a story detailing some of Dolores Umbridge’s background. In July, Rowling published a tabloid-style column in the voice of Rita Skeeter, focusing on a nearly 34-year-old Harry Potter, his family and his best friends Ron and Hermione as they attended the Quidditch World Cup.

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