Attention Shoppers: This Is Every Type of Ridiculous Person You Encounter at Ikea

Bargain furniture shoppers are no strangers to the overwhelming experience that is Ikea. After all, the mega-store reads more like a foreign country than a personalized shopping trip. And one of the most comical parts of it all, without a doubt, is the store’s clientele. Because Ikea customers run the gamut from first-timers to seasoned professionals, surviving Ikea has become a popular topic.

From the absolutely unbelievable to the totally confused, these are the types of people you’ll likely encounter on your next Ikea mission.

1. The person who goes just for the meatballs

An IKEA employee serves the new IKEA vegetarian meatballs

An IKEA employee serves the new IKEA vegetarian meatballs We agree, the meatballs are really delicious. | Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images

Mmm, meatballs. You’ve tasted them, and you’ve loved them. Perhaps you even have a few frozen packages sitting in your freezer right now. At least that’s what this person does — the person who visits an Ikea location solely for the meatballs.

For a furniture store, one might wonder how Ikea became known for its meatballs in the first place. Fast Company reported that Ikea started slinging its signature Swedish meatballs in an effort to appease “hangry” customers. Gerd Diewald, who runs Ikea’s food operations in the U.S., says the meatballs have always been called ‘”the best sofa-seller.”

Thankfully, someone on the Ikea Food team picked up on the revenue the department saw — in 2013, annual sales were $1.5 billion. And because of this, we just might be able to enjoy those tasty meatballs without having to step foot in the store. Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it seems Ikea is entertaining the idea of opening its very own restaurant locations.

Next: New couples, beware.

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