Avoid These Snacking Mistakes That Can Make You Gain Weight

There probably won’t ever be a consensus on whether it’s better to snack between meals or stick to eating three times per day to best manage weight. Even scientific studies can’t come to an agreement. Some have shown incorporating a few mini meals into the day can help shed pounds while others have demonstrated the opposite. No wonder we’re all so confused.

For those who feel plenty satisfied sticking to the standard breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the question of eating between meals doesn’t really apply. Most people aren’t so lucky, often feeling too hungry to even think about waiting another couple of hours to eat a sandwich. For these folks, having something to nibble is a necessity. Even if you don’t think eating between meals is the ideal scenario to keep yourself slim, it can be effective when done right. The problem is many people get the strategy wrong. Here are the snacking mistakes you could be making.

1. Choosing the wrong foods

a bag of flavored chips

a bag of flavored chips One of the biggest snacking mistakes is choosing the wrong foods. |

What do chocolate chip cookies, potato chips, trail mix, and an apple have in common? They’re all considered fair game for snacking. The term doesn’t really have any requirements as far as nutritional standards, so it’s easy to grab whatever sounds good when you start feeling peckish.

Instead of reaching for whatever food sounds tastiest, think about what ingredients will keep you most satisfied. Ideally, it should be something that gives you a balance of protein, fiber, and healthy fat. If you’re a kitchen pro, try whipping up one of these healthy recipes. Even certain packaged foods can work in a pinch.

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