Beauty is in the kitchen

Sometimes what you are looking for can be just under your nose. Acne is a nuisance to many teenagers and also older people who are past puberty. Acne rips you off your confidence until you can’t look yourself in the mirror for just one second. You see your friend’s flawless faces, and you can’t help but feel sad for yourself. Out of desperation, you try all the creams, you can get your hands on, but things get worse. What I want to let you know is you don’t have to waste your hard earned money buying products that will lead to more breakouts. All that you need for a clear your face is in your kitchen, surprising right? Here’s why!

Tomato – Tomatoes are not only used to make delicious food but also for your skin, there are many benefits of tomatoes to your skin. They include reducing the size of pores and fighting pimples. All you have to do is.pick a well ripe tomato, cut it into halves and rub it gently on your clean skin. You can stay a little while then rinse with clean water.

Lemon– This is a common remedy for colds, what some people don’t know is that it can get rid of those annoying black spots that are left after acne. Lemon is a natural bleaching agent because of its acidity. There many ways to use a lemon for your skin.

1. Cut the lemon into halves and rub it on a clean, dry face. Leave it for a minimum of 15minutes then rinse with water. You can also opt to leave it overnight for better results.

2. Squeeze some juice from the lemon, if you have sensitive skin you may want to add some water to dilute then add a little sugar, use the paste to exfoliate your skin. This will help to get rid of dead skin leaving your skin smooth.

3. Another way of using lemon is mixing the juice with some honey and some turmeric from your spice drawer. Use the paste to mask your face several days a week. You will be amazed by the results.

Cucumbers. The cucumbers in your fridge can help bring your sexy back. If you have an oily skin make cucumber your will give the glow you always hope for.

Cucumber is also used to treat the puffiness under your eyes. They are common in spas. Clean your face with your cleanser, squeeze some cucumber juice then apply it on your face. The results are a glowing face.

Eggs. They are not only an excellent and cheap source of proteins but also a beauty secret. However, only the egg white is used for your skin. The benefits of applying eggs on your skin are reducing the oiliness on your skin, tightening, shrinking of pores, softening the skin and many others.

You can either apply the egg white alone or mix it with some lemon juice or honey for faster and better results.

Using these natural remedies is much cheaper and reduces the possibility of negative effects.

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Written by Jessica Sullivan

Jessica Sullivan hails from Los Angeles I'm a writer, Musician, professional nail artist and have a degree in acting from NYU.

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