Beauty Secret Revealed – Avoid Hot Water on your Skin!

I wrote this post after hefty research inspired by a conversation I had with an old relative. Despite being old enough to be my granny, she stands tall and strong as a flag post, has hair dark like tar and her skin resembles my shirt after a pressing session. Her secret: avoid hot water on your skin from an early age!

Avoiding hot water on your skin does not imply that you freeze your bath water. Your body records cold when you expose yourself to temperatures below 25 degrees Celsius. As such, showering with water at room temperature does the trick.

Below are the reasons why a cold shower is your best friend:

  • Improved circulation

When you shower in heated water, it makes blood rush to the skin in a bid to try and cool it down. Conversely, blood rushes from the skin into the organs when you use cold water. As such; taking cold showers will improve blood circulation that in turn boosts the body’s performance. The result is feeling and looking better.

  • Better Skin

Before washing, skin pores are open. As you shower, the pores react to water by closing up. During this process, the dirt in the pores is cleaned up, and when they close, dirt and germs cannot accumulate in them. In the end, the skin becomes free from the agents that cause acne and other skin problems.

  • Mental Fitness

You might have felt your blood rush when you pour cold water on yourself. The resulting dash of blood produces an effect similar to that offered by exercise. In the brain, the increased activity activates the release of brain chemicals that increase concentration and alertness. Again, they activate good feelings. Do you now understand why washing your face in the morning is necessary?

  • Better Hair

Apart from improved mental activity and better skin, the hair, too, gains from avoiding hot water. Heated water makes the hair weaker (thus the stretching during blow-drying). Again, it dries it up, leaving it susceptible to breakage. Cold water has opposite effects: it cleans the hair, makes it stronger, closes pores, and makes it shiny.

bathingThere you have it! Cold water is not as bad after all and you might have to ditch using hot water on your skin from now henceforth. If you are unable to shower with cold water, start your bath with warm water then end in a cold treat. Feel free to provide any tips that explain why hot water is bad for our bodies.

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