Before ‘Jurassic World’: 5 of Chris Pratt’s Best Roles

In 2014, Chris Pratt went from a relatively unknown TV actor to starring in two of the year’s biggest films. He then made the leap to superstardom with his role in Jurassic World, one of the biggest blockbusters to ever hit theaters.

While it’s the first time he’s lead an already established franchise, Pratt is no stranger to action and big budget adventures. He’s appeared in some fan favorite, highly acclaimed films over the past few years. Like many other Hollywood A-listers, he got his start on television. From small to big screen, he’s made a huge impact on the industry over the last few years. Here are five of his most memorable roles.

1. Bright Abbott — Everwood

Chris Pratt in 'Everwood.'

Chris Pratt in 'Everwood.' Chris Pratt in Everwood | The WB

Pratt often plays bumbling characters – young men who perpetually mess up, but are somehow still likeable. He perfected that archetype with his performance in the critically WB acclaimed series, Everwood. Bright Abbott seems to make mistakes more often than not. Over the course of the series, he injures himself and a friend while drunk driving, cheats on his girlfriend, and is the source of more than one heated confrontation between friends and family members alike. But Pratt’s Bright is open and honest, and this gives us a chance to see his remorse and desire to do better. Even though Pratt was well past his teenage years during Everwood, he makes Bright feel like an authentic adolescent, whether he’s making a mistake or making amends.

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