Before You Touch Your Next Alcohol Bottle, Read This

The legalization of alcohol seems like one of the worst mistakes that humanity ever did. Day in and out, alcohol continues to wreak havoc in all the aspects of life: relationships, health and social. The disturbing fact is that the younger generation is the one taking in all the detrimental side-effects of the cheap leisure. It is for such reasons that we keep posting about the negativities that come with alcoholism in a bid to help rescue a few souls.

Today, we learn how alcohol affects your enzymes. Enzymes are the juices that control amongst other things digestion. The most affected parts, as you will see, are the liver and stomach. Here we go:

Why you act silly

Drunk personAlcohol is directed to the liver after absorption by the stomach. Once in the liver, aldehyde dehydrogenase enzymes and alcohol enzymes act on it by breaking it down and sieving out the harmful components in it. Some of the alcohol, however, evades the processing and gets into the bloodstream. The active ingredient in it, ethanol, goes to your brain. That is when the brain enzymes (catalase and cytochrome) start oxidizing the ethanol and provide the “drunken” feeling. Continuous oxidation of ethanol damages tissues and cells in the brain leading to long-term effects on brain functions.

How it affects enzymes

I will be straight on this: the body classifies alcohol as a poison, or, as it calls it, a toxin. Your loyal body, through the liver, puts its best in fighting off the poison, unaware that you voluntarily consumed it. At some point, though, the liver is overwhelmed by excessive drinking and will indicate this through neurological enzyme damage and elevated liver enzymes. The resulting damage will cause fibrosis, alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, the famous cirrhosis, and worst of all death.

There is hope

If you are already suffering from liver complications, you still have a chance to make things right. First, start by avoiding alcohol, so the unusual ability of the liver to regenerate itself takes full effect. A later post will address this issue adequately. In the meantime, we welcome you to provide additional information on how alcohol impacts on body enzymes. You are always appreciated.

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