Benefits of Seawater and Why you Should Visit the Sea More Often

Admit it: many tourists love the sea for its warmth, sporting, fishing, diving or basking amongst others. However, how many would believe that apart from the leisure, benefits of seawater are numerous and has incredible effects on the human body?

Amazing scientific facts revealed!

  • Immunity

A fact originating from ancient Greece and existing to this day is that one of the known benefits of seawater is that it improves the immune system. The presence of salts, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and other vital elements contain antibacterial or antibiotic effects. Collectively, they flush out toxins and boost immunity.

  • Skin

Ocean water is rich in magnesium. As such, bathing in such water improves skin moisture (hydration) and eliminates roughness or redness caused by skin inflammation. Also, the water opens skin pores, flushing toxins out.

  • Circulatory system

Seawater is particularly useful for thalassotherapy. This is a process of using seawater to improve blood circulation. Thalassotherapy restores vital minerals depleted by environmental poisons, poor diet or stress.

  • Healing

According to science, another important thing in the list of benefits of seawater is that it has therapeutic abilities, that is, improving and curing some ailments. To this day, it is proven that swimming in the sea activates the body’s ability to cure bronchitis, asthma, arthritis and everyday aches or pains. It also induces sleep, reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and improves calmness.

  • Wounds

Seawater thoroughly cleans wounds and all scratches on the body and helps them heal fast. Scientists attribute this to the salt content in the water.

  • Natural exfoliation

If anyone ever wonders why models love the sea plus the gritty sand, he or she has the answer now: the sand is a natural exfoliator. Exfoliation is the process of removing old dead skin cells.


sea breezeSad while at the beach? This is very rare. In fact, sad or depressed people walk to the ocean, play with shells, watch the sunsets or simply sit in the water. Beliefs from ancient Greece state that when the ocean combines with the sun, they create an effect that activates a happy feeling.

On the other hand, swimming, surfing, diving or any other sport-like activity in the ocean is a form of exercise. Exercise prompts the release of endorphin that is a feel-good brain chemical.

After this post, every other trip to the ocean should possess two purposes: pursuing leisure and well-being.

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