Benefits of Traveling and How It Builds You

Are there any benefits of traveling? I have a challenge today. This will make you realize that the mind is the biggest beneficiary of your traveling. If you have been to China or anywhere in the world, you vividly recall the images, noises, scents, food, warmth and everything you did there. How does this happen yet you are no longer there? The answer is that the mind stores all what you experience. You become part of that place. Science would refer to this as building your mind because you add something to it new each time you travel.

Here are fascinating facts on benefits of traveling and how it builds your mind.

New language

This was an obvious one, wasn’t it? Even if you cannot communicate in Latin or Zulu after visiting the lands where the natives communicate in such, you grabbed at least a word or two from them. As such, you added some knowledge to yourself. Compared to a person who never traveled there, you evidently are the brighter one!

New cultures

I remember going to China and while at a friend’s home during dinner, we all stared at the food as if we did not want it. After sometime, the host rose and said that in China, the guest serves their food first before the hosts. How was I to know that? Well, now I know and so do you. That is a sure indicator that visiting new lands surely builds your mind.chinese food

Different ideas

People in different locations do things differently. That is why we have engine-powered yachts in New York and wind-powered ones in Australia. Similarly, the head scarf worn by Saudis is the same that hip-hop stars use as scarfs for aesthetic purposes. I still believe if we never went to India, we would still be lacking the incredible art of meditation. What I am implying is that in every new place that you visit, a new art or skill comes to you. You return home with a bigger head than you originally had.

Did you know that my post is also a form of travel for you? I am sure I educated you on something new today. Therefore, since you now know that there are benefits of traveling and also it builds your mind further, travel wide and experience variety. As you do so, I request that you narrate to us how new experiences while on tour imparted on your knowledge.

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