Benefits of Using Aloe Vera Beauty Products

As experts in the food industry warn people of consuming GMO products, their counterparts in the cosmetic industry are also issuing warnings on the use of too many chemicals on the skin. Similarly, as the world advocates for “Go Green” initiatives, the cosmetic industry is also going green; the Aloe vera way.

It is believed that the Aloe plant has been used in herbal medicine since the first century. It belongs to the Aloe plant family that includes multiple varieties of succulent plants. The leaves produce two products that can be used as medicine or for beauty purposes: latex and gel. Latex is the yellow substance found just below the skin. The gel in turn is the substance found in the leaves and appears like jelly.

So, what benefits come with using Aloe vera beauty products?

1. Antibacterial Power

Although there are several other plants known to have antibacterial abilities, Aloe Vera is termed as the best amongst them. Its gel and latex have been used for many years in herbal (and now modern) medicine as an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agent. It is better in that minimal scarring occurs.

2. Healing Sunburn

After being exposed to a harsh sun, sunburn is likely to occur. However, the Aloe plant comes in handy by being a cheap and efficient remedy. Rubbing its gel or crushed leaf over sunburns provides immediate relief and faster recovery.

3. Natural Moisturizer

Surprisingly enough, the juice from the plant is not as greasy as it appears. In fact, it works perfectly for persons with oily skin by regulating the secretion of excess oil by the oil glands. Similarly, applying it on dry skin keeps it from drying up or cracking.

4. Acne Control

Acne is caused by blocked skin pores and bacteria that are found on the surface. As stated earlier, Aloe extracts contain antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics. As such, they not only clean the skin but also kill acne-causing bacteria. This keeps acne at bay.

5. Heals Wounds Faster

Scientists have proven that the Aloe extracts outdo standard dressing. Research has shown that it hastens the healing process by up to seven times faster than medical dressing. This is because the gel and latex prevent cell death around the wound, disinfect it, and improve blood circulation. Collectively, these factors lead to faster healing.

6. Other Uses

The above list does not exhaust the uses of Aloe vera products. They are used as a face wash, hand sanitizers, makeup cleaners (removers), exfoliators, eyebrow gel, creating masks, for cracked feet, and as shaving gel.

Clearly, flawless skin is possible with the wondrous Aloe Vera beauty products!

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