Best Tips on How to Avoid Running Injuries

Running is a perfect way to keep fit and stay healthy. However, did you know that if not done in right way it may in turn be dangerous?

Worse still, for athletes, there is nothing that is more heartbreaking than having months, weeks, or years of training being ruined by an injury. Statistics show that about 30 to 79 percent of runners get injuries. In short, if 100 hundred people are running, about 70 of them are, or have been injured in the past.

The following are the best tips on how to avoid running injuries;

Warming Up Properly
Warming up too hard before a run makes the muscles sluggish. This in turn makes it difficult to move, resulting in muscle strain. Warming up correctly requires one to start slow and gradually build up speed. For instance, one should begin with a 5-minute walk that graduates to a 5-minute semi-run, and finally to the big run. This will give the body enough time to adjust and pick up the pace.

Wearing the right running gear
A common mistake made by most runners is thinking they can run in just anything, and particularly shoes. Shoes play a critical role and should be prioritized. One should run in shoes that feel comfortable to the feet. Again, they should be fitting and neither too tight or big. It is also important to replace the shoes once they begin to feel uncomfortable. The best running shoes are available at specialty stores.

Understanding the limits
People differ in many ways, and one is how long they can run. As such, one should not strain their bodies into running too much so that they match with what others do. Straining the kneecap, for instance, may lead to Runner’s knee. To avoid this, it is important to understand how far one can run comfortably and stopping when strain hits. Additionally, one can avoid running consecutively as well as running shorter distances when symptoms of injuries begin to show.

Training sensibly
A training plan goes a long way in reducing and eliminating running injuries. Sensible training means that a runner weaves their easy and hard days to gain maximally from their running. Better put; challenging workouts should not be succeeded by equally-challenging ones. Instead, they should be followed by lighter workouts. This allows the body to recover from strenuous activity thus avoid injury. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a professional coach or instructor.

In conclusion, it is important to note that in some cases, evading injuries may not work. As such, it is recommended that runners should practice early injury prevention. If the injury persists, seeking medical assistance may be necessary.

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