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Best Young Actors Working in Hollywood Today

Child actors have developed quite a reputation in Hollywood over the years. To some, they’re amazing examples of how talent can become obvious, even at an early age. To others, they’re obnoxious, precocious, and take up valuable screen time that could be devoted to more experienced — aka adult — performers.

Regardless of how you feel about young actors and actresses, most movie and TV fans can admit that at least a few have shown some real promise. Some have grown up and successfully built long-lasting careers in the film industry. Others have gone down other, sometimes more tragic, paths.

These days, it seems like Tinseltown is full of a huge number of truly talented up-and-coming artists. They’ve delivered stunning performances in popular films and TV shows, and have proven themselves time and again to truly have what it takes to bring a character to life. Here are 15 of the best young actors working in Hollywood today.

1. Millie Bobby Brown

On 'Stranger Things,' Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) steals waffles from the grocery store

On 'Stranger Things,' Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) steals waffles from the grocery store Stranger Things‘s Eleven | Netflix

Most of the time, it takes a while before we can really tell if a child actor has got serious chops. In the case of Millie Bobby Brown, it only took about 10 seconds. Her performance as Eleven in Netflix’s hit, Stranger Things, was nothing short of remarkable. With minimal dialogue, she commanded every scene she was in. She managed to create a whole, complex character, even though Eleven’s life was, in many ways, shrouded in mystery.

Brown, who is just 13 years old, will be back for Stranger Thing‘s second season. She’ll also make her first big screen appearance in 2019’s Godzilla: King of the Monsters.