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Bethenny Frankel: Some ‘RHONY’ stars can’t afford their lifestyles

Bethenny Frankel thinks some of her fellow “Housewives” are living beyond their means.

“They can’t afford the lives they’re living,” Frankel, 47, said in the September issue of Money magazine. “And if the music stops, they’re going to get in some trouble.”
Bethenny Frankel covers Money. Bethenny Frankel covers Money.
Frankel, who Money reported made only $7,250 for the “Real Housewives of New York City’s” first season in 2008, says she made a deal that wouldn’t allow Bravo to make any profit off of her businesses she promoted on the show.

“Everybody else just had to try to play catch-up after they saw what I did,” Frankel said.

Frankel — who has been feuding on screen this season with frenemy Carole Radziwill — doesn’t have to worry about pinching pennies now, as she made $100 million by selling her Skinnygirl cocktail line in 2011 and can still use the brand name. She didn’t start out flush with cash, though.

“Until my late thirties, everything was just an anxiety and a struggle,” shared Frankel, who had built up $20,000 in credit card debt. “It’s like the way people feel when they eat something and they don’t feel good about it. I’d be on the phone begging to get the [fees] reduced.”

Clearly, she doesn’t consider herself one of the “Housewives” who are outspending themselves.

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