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Beyoncé’s Best Family Photos

It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that Beyoncé has completely mastered the art of being a celebrity. As a singer, actress, and businesswoman, she’s built an empire worthy of a queen. And she’s also figured out the perfect way to reach out to her fans on social media, insuring that they’re watching her every move.

On more than one occasion, Beyoncé has made it clear that her family means everything to her — and has played a big role in helping her succeed. So it’s only natural that, over the years, she’s shared some sweet family moments online. The photos she posts to sites like Facebook and Instagram help us see a different side of Beyoncé — as a daughter, sister, wife and mother. And that only makes us love and appreciate her more. Here are 10 of Beyoncé’s best family photos.

1. Halloween

Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Jay-Z pose for a photo, dressed in their Barbie Halloween costumes.

Beyonce, Blue Ivy and Jay-Z pose for a photo, dressed in their Barbie Halloween costumes. Beyoncé, Blue Ivy and Jay Z | Beyoncé via Instagram

You know what they say: Families that dress up for Halloween together stay together. Well, if they don’t say that, they probably should. It’s obviously true when it comes to the Carters’ amazing ability to coordinate their costumes every year. In 2016, Beyoncé, Jay Z and their daughter Blue Ivy all wore 1950s-era Barbie costumes and looked way too cool in the process.

From Jay’s shiny cummerbund and Beyoncé’s vintage shades to Blue Ivy’s Rocker Barbie snazzy purple poodle skirt and snazzy microphone accessory, the family got all of the details just right — especially the stiff, doll-like pose they struck for Bey’s Instagram snap.

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