Bill Belichick Is Savage: 20 Big-Name NFL Players He Sent Packing

11 Big-Name NFL Players Bill Belichick Has Sent Packing

11 Big-Name NFL Players Bill Belichick Has Sent Packing Bill Belichick is ruthless | Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Many people call him a cheater, and others think he is just an arrogant jerk. Regardless of your opinion, there is simply no denying that Bill Belichick is on track to go down as best coach in the history of the NFL, especially after the Super Bowl 51 comeback. With 13 division titles, six AFC titles, and five Super Bowl titles, what he does as the head coach and General Manager of the New England Patriots is truly remarkable. Equally impressive is the job he does running the franchise’s personnel department.

For starters, he is responsible for drafting Tom Brady, who is arguably the greatest player in NFL history. Beyond that, we could list countless additional draft picks, trades, and free-agent signings that make him a Hall of Fame-caliber front office executive. But what truly sets Belichick apart from his peers is his ability to make difficult decisions. He will part ways with Pro Bowl- and All-Pro-caliber players to do what’s best for the team.

The reality in New England is that anybody not named Brady is expendable if they don’t fit in with the “Patriot Way.” Here are 20 big-name players who Belichick has sent packing during his reign in New England.

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