Body Acne: The Best Ways to Get Rid of It Quickly

Back, chest, neck, and butt — body acne can strike anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately, those who are prone to breakouts on their face can be especially predisposed to body acne, too. And, it’s just as irritating — especially in the summertime.

But don’t let body acne rain on your parade. There are a number of relatively easy steps you can take to tackle the problem. Here are some of the best ways to stop breakouts in their tracks and get rid of that acne quickly and effectively.

1. Use a salicylic acid treatment system

woman rubbing into the leg skin

woman rubbing into the leg skin You can use salicylic acid on you face and skin. |

Just as you would apply an acne treatment system to your face, you should treat your body breakouts the same way. Creams, lotions, and body washes that are formulated to hydrate and cleanse skin while fighting acne will usually be oil-free and also include salicylic acid as the hero ingredient. These products come in all price ranges, with many available right from your local drugstore. Just check the label to make sure that salicylic acid is present.

Keep in mind, this powerhouse acne-fighting player is teamed with benzoyl peroxide to kill the bacteria and further combat breakouts. This can be great, but it might be too strong for some. Always test a small portion of the product first to ensure your skin doesn’t react negatively.

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