Home News Bootyfix is why you should never post your nude videos online!

Bootyfix is why you should never post your nude videos online!

A scariest aspect concerning the Internet is how bright horny young fellows can be. From the Fappening to the Deep Web to all the spots in the middle, the imaginative degenerates of the world will figure out how to get off to regrettably procured muck. No one is safe.

A valid example: BootyFix.com. Certainly, its a funny name, and at first glance it appears like an unassuming spot to discover features of young ladies shaking their posteriors. Not the most dynamic of sites, but rather positively nothing terribly gross, isn’t that so?

Indeed, here’s the thing. BootyFix’s slogan is basically “Erased YouTube Booty Videos.” So while a ton of the features on the site are YouTube inserts, there are numerous more that will convey you to a screen like this:


It’s hard to believe, but its true, the lizardbrains behind BootyFix obviously have reinforcements of the hundreds and several twerking features that have been erased from YouTube. To get to them, you need to have into a VIP account, which will run you about $20 a month. Does that make you feel uncomfortable? It presumably ought to!

Huge numbers of these erased YouTube clasps were destroyed by mediators, yet there are absolutely some deleted by the ladies who star in them, so its quite strange for one to store 480p of ass-waggling where it can never be obliterated. It’s likewise marginal illicit. Putting substance that other individuals made behind a paywall is straight-up deceptive regardless.

There’s a chance BootyFix is the most ground breaking parched YouTube archiver on the planet, yet we’re really sure these ladies don’t have the foggiest idea about their erased goods features are facilitated on this site. Their substance is being sold for a benefit without their insight, which implies BootyFix in any event owes an entire cluster of individuals a few eminences.

Let this be a lesson kids: If you transfer your butt to the Internet, there’s a chance it might be there always regardless of the fact that you removed it.