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Breast Cancer Symptoms: 11 Hidden Signs to Look For

Cancer is not something most people like to talk about. It’s big and scary — not to mention it’s the second leading killer of Americans after heart disease. Yet, no matter how much we attempt to ignore it, cancer (and all the fear that comes along with it) is an underlying part of life. There are ways to avoid getting cancer and, depending on your family history, your chances may be more minimal than others. However, the statistics surrounding certain cancers, including breast cancer, are enough to make you stop in your tracks.

Breastcancer.org reports American females have a 12% chance of developing invasive breast cancer. This statistic is unnerving, and unfortunately, it isn’t the only one. The death rates of breast cancer are only beaten by lung cancer. The facts are shocking, but in addition to keeping an eye out for lumps, there are hidden signs you can look for that will assist in catching breast cancer early — when it’s the most treatable.

1. Skin texture changes

Be wary of these breast cancer symptoms

Be wary of these breast cancer symptoms Be wary of these breast cancer symptoms, which may indicate cancer. | The American Cancer Society via Getty Images

Most women aren’t vigilant about changes to the texture of their breast’s skin, but it turns out even slight skin variations could be a red flag, warns the Daily Mail. Watch out for any texture changes, such as a patch of skin that feels grainy or has a similar appearance to the skin of an orange peel. A rash around the nipple and skin that starts puckering or thickening are both major warning signs. Subtle changes in the skin can be due to the breast pulling itself in and trying to “wall off” the cancer. Examine the overall shape and look of your breasts in a mirror regularly. The skin on your breasts should be smooth to the touch.

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