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Bumblebee Movie Teaser Reveals G1 Optimus & Soundwave on Cybertron


Ahead of a new Bumblebee trailer coming tomorrow, new teaser spots have leaked online – and the latest features footage that fans have been anticipating ever since live-action Transformers movies were announced: a battle between G1 Optimus Prime and Soundwave on Cybertron. When it was first announced that Paramount Pictures intended to spinoff Michael Bay’s Transformers series as a prequel centered on the loyal (but non-verbal) Autobot, there was a mix of skepticism and optimism. Some fans were done with the series after Bay spent five movies prioritizing (admittedly groundbreaking) action setpieces over storytelling (and any real tethers to Transformers history); still, others thought the new spinoff could be a fresh series reset, even if it wasn’t a full reboot, and the likelihood that Paramount might be set to do something special with their Bumblebee movie improved exponentially when Laika alum Travis Knight was hired on to direct.

The first Bumblebee trailer was an emotional and heartfelt offering that seemed, for many fans, to serve as a mia culpa – and with so retro Generation 1 designs for Bumblebee and Blitzwing – a love letter to Transformers history. Fans who were excited by the previous trailer now have more reason than ever to get excited for the movie (and the film’s next trailer) with the reveal of G1 animated-style Optimus Prime, Soundwave, and Ravage appearing in a flashback fight on a Cybertron battlefield.

Check out the aforementioned teaser below.

The Bumblebee marketing team has also shared a clip from the film featuring an endearing interaction between Hailee Steinfeld and her autobot companion – albeit one with no major reveals.


Unfortunately, the teaser is very low-res, so fans will have to wait until tomorrow’s trailer release to see Optimus, Soundwave, and Ravage in full G1 glory – not to mention get a closer look at this more “traditional” take on what Cyberton looks like on the ground. Still, even a blurry shot of the boxy Optimus, not to mention boombox-style Soundwave ejecting Ravage out of his chest, is sure to ratchet up anticipation for the official trailer reveal.

For now, you can see the (blurry) screengrabs below:


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