Burnt Food: Does It Cause Cancer?

Burnt FoodHistory has it that before the invention or discovery of fire, early man ate his food raw. Man in the middle ages, having just discovered fire, cooked only meats and tough foods. Today, natural food is rare, cooking is normal, and burning food is the incoming trend in cooking. Unknown to the modern man, the longer food is cooked, the more dangerous it becomes. So, what happens when food is burnt?

Nutritionists and scientists have come out to state that heating some types of food, let alone burning them, can form cancer-causing compounds.

Here is more on this relationship.

According to studies conducted by some Dutch investigators, it was found that grilling, roasting, or frying a broad range of foods leads to the formation of acrylamides. These are harmful compounds that have been linked to cancer. Further information reveals that the slightest coloration occurring from burnt food is a potential source of disease.

In the United Kingdom, it has been recently reported that of the annual 14,000 cases of ovarian and womb cancer cases, most are somehow related to diet. Studies on the same have so far shown that women who feed mostly on vegetables and fresh fruit are less likely to develop these cancers. In such revelations, it is obvious that cooking food, let alone burning it, increases its likelihood of causing cancer.

To the lovers of burnt food suck as toast, this could be devastating news: that burnt toast is one of the biggest channels through which certain cancers can develop. The explanation is that toast contains amino acids and sugars, which upon being heating merge to form acrylamide. The same occurs when foods with high starch content such as bread, potatoes, or wheat-based products are overheated.

Meat, which is a favorite when it comes to grilling or roasting, is a dangerous serving with cancer-causing abilities. Burning or overheating animal flesh results in the formation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, PAHs, and heterocyclic amines, HCAs. These compounds have been proven to cause cancer in lab rats and guinea pigs: meaning that in humans, too, the same case is likely to occur.

So, next time anyone is serving burnt food, grilled beef, perceive the act as large-scale propagation of cancer-causing compounds.

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