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Can I Still Wear It? Signs It’s Time to Get Rid of Your Clothes

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes the contents of your closet. Whether it’s a dress you spent an entire paycheck on or a T-shirt you (literally) wore to pieces. There comes a time in every piece’s lifespan where it should be either thrown away or live out its second act at a consignment store. Goodbyes are never easy, so we rounded up 10 telltale signs it’s time to toss your clothes to help out.

1. It’s covered in pills

smiling woman in wool sweater

smiling woman in wool sweater A pilled sweater is hardly pretty. | iStock.com/m-imagephotography

Let’s talk about sweater pills, or those little fabric balls that adorn your pull-overs. Whether you wore it a couple times or it’s a wardrobe mainstay, pilling happens to every piece. According to The Wall Street Journal, sweater pilling occurs when the yarn fibers get loose or break. Using a sweater stone will temporarily keep pills at bay, but there’s no way to get rid of them for good. If your favorite sweater is covered in so many pills it looks like it’s a different texture, it’s time to part ways.