Can’t Kick Your Cravings? Skip the Diet Pills and Eat More of These Appetite-Suppressing Foods Instead

Do you know someone who’s obsessed with losing weight? Maybe you’re that person — constantly tracking diet trends to find an easy fix for your unstoppable food cravings. Weight loss is complicated, but you don’t need to take shortcuts to get the results you want. Add these appetite-suppressing foods to your weekly menu to make all your weight loss dreams (finally!) come true.

1. Tuna

A fresh bowl of Tuna.

A fresh bowl of Tuna. Tuna can keep your junk food cravings in check. | HandmadePictures/iStock/Getty Images Plus

If you have your heart set on weight loss, consider replacing some of the red meat in your diet with a lean protein source, like chicken or fish. According to, fish is high in protein, and low in fat and calories.

Canned white tuna also specifically provides vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids, adding great benefits to your health.

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