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Car Repairs That Can Get a Vehicle to 300,000 Miles

Second generation Miata (2000)

Second generation Miata (2000) You have to start with a durable car, but key repairs will help push your vehicle to high-mileage goals. | Mazda

Does your car have a shot at reaching 300,000 miles? There are certain models (e.g., Honda Accord) and brands (e.g., Toyota) that always pop up on lists of cars topping 200,000 miles, so they would be a good place to start. However, it takes more than a solid frame and reputation for reliability. A car’s owner must commit to regular maintenance for years to have a vehicle reach these goals.

Actually, there is no reason to expect a car will die once you hit a high-mile mark. In the past decade or so, the list of cars that passed one million miles has grown significantly. Their owners never spoke of weird tricks or seemed surprised by their car’s durability. To the contrary, they observed maintenance programs so meticulously they sort of expected the performance.

With that in mind, we checked on the advice of experts from Consumer Reports and a few other reliable sources on taking cars the distance. More often than not, their recommendations matched up with the drivers who hit half-a-million miles or more. Here are eight car repairs that will help your car to last forever (or close enough).

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