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Warnock recalls Bennett’s brutal tackle

Neil Warnock hasn’t forgotten Joe Bennett’s brutal tackle on Leroy Sane that earned him a red card the last time Cardiff met Manchester City.

“I got all the stick for three days. It was my ‘kick-and-rush team’ that did all the damage,” recalled Warnock.

“I got scathing reports, so I thanked Joe for that. That’s just what I needed at the time, but it was an easy target.”

But while Sane missed three matches, Warnock’s Wales star Jazz Richards was ruled out for 17 games after a tackle on him by Kevin De Bruyne (left).

“We all talked about Bennett’s tackle on Sane (far right) but, if you watched in the 50th minute, there was a tackle from De Bruyne on Jazz that put him out for 17 games,” said Warnock (circle).

“Which was the worse? I suppose a tackle on Richards probably doesn’t sell any papers or make any news. There were one or two naughty things when we didn’t get the rub of the green. Everybody wrote about this one tackle, which Benno knows was a disgrace, but there were one or two clever tackles that went on. I’m not sure ref Lee Mason even booked De Bruyne, but he caught Richards’ knee badly and it should at least have been a yellow card.”

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