Career Guide: How to Choose the Right Career

You do not want to study hard in college, graduate and find out ten years later that you did not choose the right career and more so, you hate the field that you are working in. If this ever came to pass, worry not: you will not be the first!

There are many factors that may keep you from choosing the right career. Maybe you chose a major just because you needed to prove to someone that “you could it.” Regardless of the reason, they all lead to the same place; the wrong career.

Unfortunately for college-goers, our systems seem to have let the culture of guiding them into choosing the best careers. This should not be a bother anymore because this [godsend] post will guide on exactly how to choose the right best career.

  • Follow your passion

Well, some of you follow your girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s passion. Do not follow their choices; rather, follow what you feel best doing. If art is your thing, go for majors that relate to it. At tender ages, it is easy for misguiding to occur through friends or relatives. Ignore them at this point not unless they are advising you.

  • Forecast Future Trends

There is no point in focusing on developing the telegraph once you see cellphones in use. Better put: apply your research skills in predicting the future of the path you choose. If it appears to fade or encounter high chances of extinction, abandon it.

  • New York or Qatar?

The kind of career you choose might determine where you spend the rest of life. You might study for a Master’s in Horticulture degree but where in New York do you exercise that? In short, decide on where you need to live in future and choose a career that supports it.

It is time people realized that choosing careers is not based solely on how some jobs pay or what your family proposes. It is an individual aspect that one must decide after intense evaluations with self.

Got more tips on how to choose the right career? Feel free to post them below.

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