Career Guide: How to Dress for an Interview

Many people fail to get a job just because they do not know how to dress for an interview. I bet you’ve heard the ‘first impression’ phrase many times to understand what I am going to discuss. Today, job interviews are not mere question-answer sessions like it was in ancient times. The modern employer begins the interview right from when they first call you to the way you present yourself and finally what your resume will say about you.

I reveal a secret to help you win the interview moments by advising you on how to dress for an interview. If,in any case, you have additional information that may fit into what I will provide, feel free to share it with us.


  • Dress in a conservative manner. Most of the times, dressing conservatively means wearing a suit because suits seem to fit all occasions.
  • Always wear a dark-colored suit with a bright (white) shirt and closed black shoes to an interview.
  • Wear what you feel very comfortable in so you can feel and look your best. Comfort matters in an interview.
  • Fresh breath is an added advantage: I will not explain this.
  • Then always tone you perfume down.


  • A suit: skirt or pants in matching tops is best-suited for interviews. As always, try to retain a conservative look as it is easy to blend in.
  • Wear skirts or pants that are comfortable to both you and the potential employer. Not unless you are applying to be a nude model, keep it decent.
  • As it is with men’s color code, always dress in dark colors and contrast with a white blouse or shirt. Brightly-colored wear exaggerates the moment and will lower your chances of being hired.
  • Would I leave the makeup out? Not consciously. Please, ladies, wear a silent scent and apply less makeup on you. Lipstick, nail polish, eye shadow, and other artificial enhancers should not dominate. The employer needs to know the real you and bleaching your face on the day of the interview might not be the best thing for
  • Finally, on the shoes: do not wear open ones or those with an open back. Ensure you wear low-heeled dark shoes that are in good condition. As you will agree with me, you might dress appropriately but then the shoes take away the entire glamor!

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