Celebrities Own Some of the Most Exotic Animals As Pets

People love their pets. Most of the pet owners you know probably own cats or dogs (or maybe even cats that act like dogs). Some probably own hamsters, birds, or fish. You might even know somebody who lives on a farm and owns horses, sheep, or goats. But a few people own exotic pets — including your favorite celebrities. Curious which celebrities own some unique pets? Read on to check out some of the most unusual and exotic pets celebrities own.

1. Boa constrictor

Snake coiled around a stick

Snake coiled around a stick Snake |

Many people like keeping snakes as pets. But they don’t usually keep snakes as large or dangerous as the ones Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash has chosen as pets. Reptile Magazine reports Slash is fascinated with boas and pythons and has had numerous snakes in his home. In fact, he has kept several large Burmese pythons and had a boa constrictor named Pandora. Pandora became most famous for making an appearance in the 1989 music video for the Guns N’ Roses’ song “Patience.” 

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