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Celebrity Chefs Reveal Their Most Hated Foods

Yes, even celebrity chefs have food aversions, and those most hated foods might surprise you. You might think these folks would love every food known to man (they are famous chefs, after all). However, judging by our title, you probably suspect otherwise.

If you, like any Food Network fan, want to know what your favorite foodies would never touch, look no further. These are the most hated foods of 15 gourmands.

1. Anne Burrell: Blue cheese, salmon

Baked salmon

Baked salmon This restauranteur won’t touch salmon. | iStock.com/Elena_Danileiko

Anne Burrell is the cheese-loving brain behind New York City’s pop-up Cheetos restaurant. (After a quick three days of jam-packed crowds, the event is already over.) But as she told People, there are a couple seemingly standard foods she absolutely can’t stand. “I don’t like salmon. I don’t like blue cheese,” Burrell said. “I can taste both of them and understand if the dish is prepared well, but I will never sit down and eat salmon. Ever. I wish I liked it. I mean, it’s good for you.” We’ve got to give it to Burrell — at least she’ll eat it when she has to.

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