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Coca Cola vs Coke Zero


We all know and it is not a scoop, the American drink contains a lot of sugar, which is a big problem in our consumer society and especially in the United States where the number of obese continues to increase. To reach a new target, the Coca-Cola company decides to launch it a few years ago a new cola brand, called cola zero. This drink the Coke Zero is supposedly sugar-free and caffeine-free, and with very few calories (contains only 1 kcal), which is actually very low.

In this video posted by a youtube user, we’ll show you the difference between the two drinks and it’s just amazing. This test was done using a gas burner and 2 bottles of coca cola (one regular coca cola and one coke zero). Both drinks are cooked separately and under heat … As for the rest, we will let you discover the experience for yourself.