College Football: The 11 Greatest Stadiums in America

College Football: The 5 Greatest Stadiums in America

College Football: The 5 Greatest Stadiums in America Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

Obviously this is a somewhat subjective topic — whether you’re one of the many Notre Dame fans in the country or a diehard fan from Appalachian State (joining the Division I ranks this season), you’re probably going to think that your team’s stadium is the best. That’s only natural. It is possible, though, to bring a measure of objectivity to this: to identify certain contributing factors that do make one stadium better than another.

First, you’ve got the size. The bigger a stadium is, the louder and more raucous the crowd will be. While a smaller stadium can have a similar effect because it’s more compact, when a team squeezes more than 100,000 fans into a single space, the difficulty for the opposing teams is ratcheted.

Next, and naturally following, certain stadiums affect teams in different ways, but the best venues — usually the ones that sell out every game — will disrupt the visiting team to the extent that they’re perpetually false starting and cannot communicate on the field. Sometimes a raucous crowd won’t have an immensely noticeable result, but it’s still there, and every little bit counts, especially if a game’s going down to the wire.

Lastly, some stadiums have a certain prestige. Whether it’s the architect, location, a unique entrance, or even just a nation-wide fan base, all of these factors — some more random than others — combine to make the best places in the country to watch football on Saturdays. After all, these fan bases have passion and legacies that many sports teams can’t emulate. Here are the five best college football stadiums presently in use.

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