Could eSports Become An Olympic Event?

Apparently, Paris and Los Angeles were in competition for the 2024 games, with L.A. eventually agreeing to step back and claim the 2028 edition. It’s still kind of wild to think about how early they have to plan and prepare for these things. Anyway, as part of their bid proposal, Estanguet said that the Paris crew is seriously considering eSports for inclusion in their competitions in about seven years. Obviously, no talks on what games might be considered are even part of these early discussions. Sure, we’ve got games like Overwatch, League of Legends and the like that seem like the obvious choices, but a lot can happen over that period of time. Players may have moved on to something else by then. Or maybe eSports fizzles in a couple of years. That scenario doesn’t seem too likely right now, but we figure Paris is being smart in saying they’ll “consider” eGaming while they wait to make sure it isn’t just a flash in the pan.

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