Crappy TV Shows That Used to Be Awesome

A common problem with TV shows is maintaining while also evolving. What does that mean exactly? In the beginning, series with a great concept, cast, writing, etc. will generally do very well. But then the issue becomes keeping up with audience expectations, while still allowing the storyline to move forward and the characters to grow and change.

Across the pond, creators are fond of pulling the plug on a show before it gets boring or convoluted. However, networks in the U.S. almost always try to milk a title for all it’s worth. Here are some shows that started off strong, but went on long past their expiration date.

1. Family Guy

The Griffin family sitting on the couch and the floor watching TV.

The Griffin family sitting on the couch and the floor watching TV. Family Guy | Fox

The story of this animated series is an interesting one. After three seasons, FOX abandoned the show due to poor ratings. But with the help of late night airings on Adult Swim and impressive DVD sales, it was brought back to life.

Now, it seems like the show that will never die. Things were never quite as good in Seth MacFarlane’s Quahog after the revival, and, now headed into its 16th season, it feels like they’re just going through the motions. It’s time to put the Griffins out of their misery.

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