Cut Calories Without Even Trying Using These 7 Tips

If you’re like most of the country, losing a few pounds is commonly on your yearly to-do list. Many people start hitting the gym harder than ever and make drastic diet changes. Doubling down so intensely just isn’t sustainable, which explains why most people give up after a month or two.

Since restricting your food to 1,000 calories a day while attempting to run five miles every morning is neither fun nor particularly beneficial, you need to be a bit smarter about weight loss. Often, it’s the details that matter most — cutting out a mindless snack here and taking a few extra steps there. We’re sharing seven simple changes that could help you finally reach your goals.

1. Replace your morning juice with whole fruit

Peeled orange

Peeled orange Swap out your OJ with an orange. |

Most people don’t brave the total juice cleanse, which is probably a good thing, but some folks like to take a halfway approach by replacing a meal or two. Unless you’re extremely regimented, it could easily backfire. Instead of feeling satisfied with a nutrient-dense glass of liquefied kale and apple, people usually find themselves nearly as hungry as if they ate nothing because these drinks don’t offer the fiber and protein many other foods do. On top of that, they’re pretty loaded with calories.

Instead of drinking an 8-ounce glass of orange juice for 122 calories, you can eat the whole fruit for just 69 calories. You’ll also score more than 3 grams of fiber. Even with vegetables, which contain a lot less sugar, eating is usually a better idea than drinking.

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