Cutting Carbs? How This Could Spell Trouble for Weight Loss

Your healthful, homemade meals are loaded with fresh fruits and veggies, good fats that give your body energy, and plenty of antioxidants to combat diseases later on. But if you find yourself skipping out on the bread course or avoiding pasta for fear of weight gain, then it might be time to get the facts straight. Carbs are becoming an evil word in the diet world — many sources suggest avoiding them at all costs for fast and effective weight loss. This is not a good idea.

Carbs are not the enemy

Unhappy man trying to constrict his diet

Unhappy man trying to constrict his diet A strict diet will do more harm than good in the long run. |

Not all carbs are bad, and some foods that are high in carbohydrates can be great sources of quick energy and fuel for long, grueling workouts. Avoiding carbs altogether could be mean that you’re missing out on vital nutrients and healthy, fresh foods that can aid in your weight-loss journey.

The idea circling through health communities is that carbs are the number one contributor to weight gain, but in reality, this isn’t necessarily the case. All carbs are not created equal, explains, and carbs that come from healthful foods have been shown to increase energy and boost serotonin levels, which means your mood gets a boost.

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