CVS’s Best-Selling Skin Care Products Are Just What Your Beauty Routine Needs

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, so it’s important you treat it with care. For some, that may mean downing eight glasses of water each day and slathering on sunscreen, but following a regular skin care routine is important, too. However, finding the right products that fit your skin type and budget is no easy feat.

Fortunately, CVS is here to save the day. The drugstore mecca sells everything from laundry detergent to makeup to, you guessed it, skin care products. Browsing through those best-selling, cult classics is a suitable way to begin your search. To help, we listed 10 of the store’s most popular skin care products in no particular order.

1.  CVS Health Oil Absorbing Sheets

CVS Health Oil Absorbing Sheets

CVS Health Oil Absorbing Sheets CVS Health Oil Absorbing Sheets | CVS

Unless you want your skin to resemble the Sahara desert, you should have some natural oils on your face. But too much will clog your pores — ultimately causing acne — and will make your face look greasy. Enter the CVS Oil Absorbing Sheets. Simply dab one of these thin papers on your oily patches and it’ll remove any excess grease from your face. You can actually see all the grease on the sheets, which is slightly terrifying, yet extremely satisfying.

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