Dangerous Things You Should Never Do at the Pool or Near the Ocean

Most of us grownups know the basics of staying safe around water and while swimming. However, we could all use a refresher, especially if we’re responsible for a kid or two at the beach or pool or on a cruise.

Water safety is no joke. It doesn’t matter if you’re hanging out in your backyard or traveling halfway around the world: You and your kids can encounter real dangers around water. Fortunately, you can keep everybody safe with a little preparation.

Read on to refresh your memory on the most dangerous things you should never do at the pool, near the ocean, or on a cruise.

1. Going by yourself

Young man standing on the yacht in the sea at sunset

Young man standing on the yacht in the sea at sunset Don’t go sailing or swimming by yourself. |

Whether you want to take a dip in the swimming pool or go sailing into the open ocean, you should always abide by the buddy system. Some time alone on the water might sound like a great way to clear your head. However, you always need to put safety first. Take a buddy with you, so you won’t find yourself without a helping hand should trouble arise.

And if you go to a beach with a lifeguard, don’t take it as a free pass to swim wherever you want. You need to stay within view of the lifeguard. If you can’t see them, they probably can’t see you, either.

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