Date Someone You Are Excited To Do The Little Things Alongside

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You aren’t going to take wild adventures every single day. You won’t always have a house party to attend or a bottle of tequila to chug. Your relationship won’t always be filled with spontaneous, once-in-a-lifetime thrills.

That’s why you should date someone you can see yourself doing the little things with. Someone who never makes you feel bored.

Date someone who makes you excited to wake up in the morning, because you can’t wait to start your day. Because you have a good feeling about what is ahead of you.

Date someone who makes you excited to cook and eat breakfast, because you’ll have a chance to sit down at the table or in front of the television and spend time together. Because they’ll help you start your day off right.

Date someone who makes you excited to get home from work, because they’ll greet you by the door with a kiss. Because they’ll help you de-stress by listening to your awful stories and holding you close to hug the stress out of you.

Date someone who makes you excited to buy a new pair of shoes or go to the grocery store, because you know you’re going to find something to laugh about while you’re shopping. Because you know that they can make even the most boring chores entertaining.

Date someone who makes you excited to exercise, because they are going to join you as you jog down the block or stretch in front of the television. Because they are going to motivate you when you feel lazy and encourage you when you give up hope.

Date someone who makes you excited to sit around the house and do nothing except read a book or stare at a screen, because you’re just thankful you get to spend time with them. Because every second they are around feels worthwhile, even if you aren’t really getting anything done that day.

Date someone who makes you excited to drift off to bed at night, because you’ll get to link hands and rest your head on their chest and get a kiss against your forehead. Because falling asleep is easier than it’s ever been now that you have them to hold.

Date someone who makes you excited to go out — and to spend the day inside. Someone who makes you excited to hang out in a group — and to hang out one-on-one.

Life is too short. You have to date someone who makes you excited over the little things. Excited to take pictures. To dance without any music. To go on a walk with the dog. To make dinner reservations. To take a staycation.

You can’t have a fulfilling relationship with someone who makes you dread long trips in the car or extended family parties. You need to date someone who makes you excited for all of those things. Someone who always gives you a reason to smile wider than the time before.

Date someone who makes every single day — even the most boring days — feel like an adventure. TC mark

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