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Deceptive Skin Care Myths You Have to Stop Believing

In the world of skin care, myths, and misconceptions abound. It’s easy, for instance, to make dry skin worse by using the wrong ingredients. Or, you may discover your regimen is missing key steps or ingredients to help your skin deal with changes in your environment. And it doesn’t help that it’s easier to stumble on myths than to find reputable information.

In fact, most of the skin care articles and advice you read isn’t based on science. And the ways that well-meaning people try to explain how skin works and reacts often doesn’t reflect the physiological reality of what really goes on when you use the right (or wrong) products on your face.

To help you sort out fact from fiction, we’ve collected some of the worst skin care myths that people just won’t stop repeating. Some may be actively bad for your skin, while others will simply have you missing out on the best the skin care world has to offer. But all of them are myths that you should really stop believing if you want the best for your skin.

1. You should choose your skin care products based on your age

pretty woman washing her face with pure water

pretty woman washing her face with pure water Don’t look for skin care products that are for one particular age group. | iStock.com/shironosov

Skin care expert Paula Begoun reports one of the more pervasive skin care myths is the idea you should choose your products based on your age. Skin care lines promote this idea by marketing their products to people in specific age groups, but a story on Begoun’s site notes “age is NOT a skin type.” She says someone who’s 50 years old can have the same skin type and skin care concerns as someone in their 30s. “Oily skin and clogged pores don’t just automatically go away when you turn 50 and dry, dull-looking skin can be a problem in your 20s.” And contrary to popular belief, you can (and should) start fighting signs of aging as soon as possible.

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