Did you Know Flying Can Cause you Health Problems?

If you thought the phobia of heights and hours of being confined to a single place for hours was the worst thing a flight can offer, you need to brace for bad news. A plane seems like the most comfortable way of travel but unbeknownst to you, the comfort is offered to distract many negativities. Ever wondered why you have the most beautiful women as hostesses and small windows to your side?

Read on to find how flying can cause you health problems, thus the multiple distractions.

  • You are 100 times more likely to get sick on a plane than at home. This is because of the small space and controlled air flow. Colds, E Coli and salmonella are the most common plane-borne diseases.
  • Staying in one place for long under low cabin pressure and a dehydrated environment is likely to cause deep vein thrombosis. This explains the funny-looking flight socks offered for long flights.
  • Ever heard of jetlag? It is a distortion of sleeping patterns during flight. Sleep is not the only body rhythm that is affected: concentration, fatigue, appetite and concentration also suffer. These have long-term effects such as irritability, mood changes, psychotic disturbance and cancer. jetlag
  • Interesting, but dangerous, is the fact that the ability to tell between tastes drops by up to 30 percent during flight. This means you are likely to consume more salt or sugar while flying. As such, flying from tender ages increases your risks of developing disorders related to excess salt or sugar.
  • You might come out of a plane having lost your hearing ability. A plane’s engine has a noise that averages 115 decibels during take-off. The noise sticks to between 95 and 105 decibels during flight. The human ear is made to withstand maximum noise levels of 88 to 85 decibels for 8 hours. Anything above that is bound to be harmful.

While flying might offer luxury and faster travel, it can cause you health problems and can be a dangerous activity for young people. This is because the more you fly, the higher the risks of experiencing any of the said problems. Have you ever encountered any problem during the flight that you might share with us? We would be more than glad to hear. Please use the comments’ section.

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