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Diet Mistakes: Foods That Will Leave You Starving

Ever get a food craving that you just can’t kick? It’s an all-too-common problem, and it may be more complex than you think. Research suggests that your food cravings can be at least partially influenced by what you’ve already been eating or drinking. Consuming certain types of products can influence your bloodstream in ways that ultimately cause your brain to feel more or less hungry.

These six foods and drinks are guaranteed to have you craving more calories — whether you need them or not.

1. Diet sodas

soda cans

soda cans Diet soda isn’t really so diet-friendly. | Thinkstock

“If you’re consuming beverages without calories and [you’re] not getting fullness from sugar-sweetened beverages, you could be priming the brain to want to eat more,” sugar addiction researcher Nicole Avena, Ph.D., told The Huffington Post. More research is needed to confirm the nature of artificial sweeteners’ roles in all this, but various studies have found links between overweight subjects and consumption of diet beverages.