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Divorce? 10 Marital Problems That Should Not Be Deal Breakers

The “D” word is a terrifying one, and couples who toss it around with no regard should heed caution. The mere suggestion of divorce poses major ramifications, including the implication that you don’t care enough about your marriage to save it. When it seems like so many relationships end in disaster, it’d be nice to know not every issue has to end in divorce.

These 10 marital problems might be frustrating, but you can likely work through them.

1. Financial struggles

Young couple looking at bank statement

Young couple looking at bank statement Try working through your financial problems before considering divorce. | iStock.com

Finances play a huge role in a person’s lifestyle, mentality, and future goals. So when two people commit to a life together, it’s likely both individuals will want to be on the same page. Money decisions will drive lifestyle choices and impact your whole family for years to come.

For this reason, it’s important to understand your partner’s relationship with money; whether he or she is protective of what they’ve earned, a big spender, or feeling lousy about his or her income. “Have an open conversation about how, as a couple, you can find a balance between saving and being responsible for your financial future, and also flexible spending so you can enjoy life and the fruits of your labor together,” said Marissa Nelson, a marriage therapist and founder of IntimacyMoons Couples Retreats.