DIY: How to Calm a Dog During Storms

Every dog owner should learn how to calm a dog during storms. Dogs, referred otherwise as man’s most loyal and close pet, may protect and care for us but unfortunately, they are overly weak during storms. Storm phobia is the condition in dogs that makes some of them pant, hide, claw walls, break through windows, or bark uncontrollably during storms. This show is heartbreaking because it means the dog is scared and needs help.

On the other hand, this presents an opportunity to reciprocate the love that people receive from dogs. Studies reveal that it is very hard for a dog to come out of this condition unassisted. In this post, you will learn how to calm a dog during storms so you can support that best friend during their lowest moments. Here’s how:

No Consolation

The biggest mistake that dog owners make is to console them during storms. The problem is that once they get used to such, the panic remains the same or increases. Again, the dog will suffer a lot when say, the owner is not around to console them during storms. Instead, do the following:

Safe Spot

scared dogThe best remedy is to provide the pet with a safe place, like a basement or soundproof box, where he or she can hide when storms approach. Study where the dog goes during storms and then create the safe zone there.

Calmness Training

Dog owners should train them on calmness. This includes giving commands such as “sit” when there are no storms. When storms come, the same behavior must apply. To enhance this, if the pet obeys the command, they can be rewarded.

Anti-static Garment

Storms affect cats and dogs more than humans. Their fur detects approaching storms because they sense the static charges in the atmosphere just before it storms. As such, storm phobia may result from the effects caused by static charges. To ease the problem, vets suggest snug-fitting wraps for the dogs. Additionally, metal fabric-lined capes take the charges away from the fur leaving the pets undisturbed.

Sound Desensitization

On average, the primary cause of storm phobia is the loud thunder because dogs have sharper senses than humans. Therefore, a suggested method on how to calm a dog during storms is by making him accustomed to thunder-like sounds. The owner acquires a recording of thunder-like sounds and plays them while playing with the dog. Normal interactions should continue, so the dog is not distracted. If it does, treat (reward) your pet. Increase the volume gradually until the sound no longer affects him.

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