DIY: How to Expand Small Sized Shoes to Fit

At times, we end up frustrated with getting home and realizing we bought a shoe that is a size or two smaller. Most people try all they can to expand small sized shoes but if they don’t know what to do, they can easily damage the shoes. Funny enough, in some cases, the shoes fit just right while at the shop but on getting home, only half the foot goes in!

Did they exchange the shoe intentionally? Did I just grow bigger on the way home? Did I buy a shoe that changes size across the day? Black magic maybe? No answer seems to fit, and if any ever did, that shoe would still never fit.

Well, a workable answer to expand small sized shoes is just a paragraph away. However, the solution only works mostly for leather shoes and by leather means genuine leather.

Here is what to do:

  • Find a hair blow-dryer, thick pair of furry socks, a comfortable seat that is very low, and carry the small-sized shoes along.
  • Put on the thick pair of socks and squeeze your now wider foot into the right shoe. Leather is preferred because it stretches to accommodate your foot and again, it cannot tear from the strain.
  • Once the foot is inside the shoe, turn on the blow-dryer all the way up so it blows a hot gust of air. Hold the dryer about 2 inches away from the shoe and blow it. Move the dryer further if you sense that the temperature might burn the leather. The shoe should get warm with time.
  • Keep turning your foot inside until you feel that it is free to move. Turn off the dryer and walk outside (make sure the neighbor does not spot the weird-looking you!). In the cool atmosphere, the shoe will cool. After the leather feels cold again, take off the shoe and remove the sock. Wear normal socks and put the shoe back on. It should feel just right!
  • If it worked, repeat the same procedure for the left shoe.

In case you do not have a blow-dryer, wear the thick fluffy socks and both shoes on a sunny day. Find an area with direct sunlight and a sheet of iron. Step on the iron sheet while seating on a nice chair (this might take too long) and find something else to occupy you. Once the shoe heats up well, move to a cool place.

Voila! We have our managed to expand our small sized shoes and they are now fitting!

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